Forex Day Trading

Forex Daytrading: Capitalizing on Short-Term Profits Many traders are turning to Forex day trading systems to garner short-term profits, while eliminating certain levels of volatility risk. Forex day trading strategies entail entering and exiting the market several times within a single day, making profits on small fluctuations of the currency exchange rate. Given the multi-trillion […]

Forex Technical Analysis, Technical Resources & Tools

Technical Resources & Tools The Forex resources in this area are for technical traders. To be a successful Forex trader you need to understand both fundamentals and techincals. Fundamentals are all about financial news events that can move the financial market. Forex technical analysis ignores fundamental factors and is applied only to the price action […]

Know Your History!

At the end of the World War II, the whole world was experiencing so much chaos that the major Western governments felt the need to create a system to stabilize the global economy. Known as the “Bretton Woods System,” the agreement set the exchange rate of all currencies against gold. This stabilized exchange rates for […]

Market Players

Now that you know the overall structure of the forex market, let’s delve in a little deeper to find out who exactly these people in the ladder are. It is essential for you that you understand the nature of the spot forex market and who are the main players. Until the late 1990s, only the […]

forex market hierarchy

At the very top of the forex market ladder is the interbank market. Composed of the largest banks of the world and some smaller banks, the participants of this market trade directly with each other or electronically through the Electronic Brokering Services (EBS) or the Reuters Dealing 3000-Spot Matching. The competition between the two companies […]

Forex Market Structure

For the sake of comparison, let us first examine a market that you are probably very familiar with: the stock market. This is how the structure of the stock market looks like: In a centralized market, buyers and sellers needs to go through a specialist to trade “I have no choice but to go through […]

Learn Forex Trading Strategies

There are many trading strategies to choose from today. The trick however is finding the ones that work best for you and your style. Everyone has a different style of trading and different schedules. We may live in different time zones and trade different hours of the day. For people living in the Eastern time […]